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This week we bring you "part poet and part hobo", Alan W. Gray. This Country/Folk singer from Lakewood, California has the staff here at Broadjam yearning to hear more. Alan's deep poetic lyrics combined with his well-produced music makes him one of our favorite song writers. Please take a moment to listen to a few of his songs and judge for yourself. We hope that you enjoy his music as much as we do. Broadjam MoB Featured Artist: Alan W. Gray

"There are themes both lyrically and instrumentally that make the song immediately catchy. The lyrics suggests pictures to the mind that one can emotionally identify with. Also they are absolutely perfect for the arrangement. The vocals, melodies, rhythm, and riffs all seem to compliment each other to create the desired mood." - Review of "Life is a Rhythm"

"This is the type of country sound I love. I could listen to this sound all day." - Review of "Friend of Mine"

"What an absolutely beautiful song. I got all choked up." - Review of "Father Time"

"You paint a lot of pictures with your words. You, the lyricist, take us somewhere cool" - Review of "I Wish I knew"

Music Awards / Recognition

"a voice that sounds as comfortable to listen to as a broken-in pair of
Levi's, reminds me of Don Edwards, Tom T. Hall"
Bob Blackburn / Music and Promotions Coordinator / Westwood One Radio

Alan's Vagabond spirit is richly exemplified thru his lyrics. Crafted with
insight and empathy, colored by wit and imagination, and tempered by the
fires of experience. He's a man looking for answers to some of life's most
basic questions. Striving to live what he finds and contributing to seeing
a better world, be it in a box car, in front of a mirror, or in the eyes of
you or me. I hear where he's coming from, clearly see where he's going,
and feel I'm riding right along with him. Climb aboard his 10 stop tour of
pure Americana. "Internal Affairs" will take you there.
Diane Sward Rapaport (Author, "A Business Primer")

Featured artist at North Dakota's "North Star" program on KSJB radio 600
AM, "Friend of Mine" and "In The Red" received airplay in Westerlow,
Belgium during the Alternative Country program "Somewhere Between" on FM
104.30 Stereo, "I Wish I Knew" was featured for a "9/11 Memorial Tribute"
on Long Beach's Charter Cable TV at "THE PRIME SPOT" for 2003.

"UNISONG" International Song Contest
Honorable Mention 2002 - "Father Time", / 1998 - "Thumb In The Sky"

"American Songwriter" Magazine
Certificate of Merit / Lyric Competition April/May 1999 - "Thumb In The Sky"

"American Song Festival"
Certificate of Merit / VI Lyric Competition - "Life Is An Ocean" Music Awards / Recognition

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